Reasons to work after retirement

Reasons to work after retirement

Worked on deadlines,f waited for appraisals, switched jobs time and again and gave the best of life to the loved ones. We all have the same story. But what after that? Have you ever thought of your life after retirement? Would you like to be dependent on your kids for your survival? Would you ask your kids for money, when you are the one who has always run the show for the family? So it makes perfect sense to work after retirement, doesn’t it?

Working after retirement entails many benefits. A few can be listed as :

Feel young. Stay young.

It is scientifically proven that staying mentally and physically active helps you feel younger longer. Working also keeps you socially active and prevents isolation, and can provide a sense of purpose.

Different role brings different challenges.

All life you have done that monotonous job and filled in hours. But with work after retirement you could pick up something you like and work to your heart’s content,

Be your own boss.

Whilst reporting to someone you might have always pondered, “when will I work for myself? When will I be my own boss?” It is never too late to start. So fulfill all your wishes now and take be your own mentor. Yes working part time and after retirement thus have so many benefits.

Your Savings Aren’t Substantial

You might not have saved enough. Even if that is the scenario you need not worry. Take up jobs like financial advisor, insurance planner or investment planner and work part time. The perks and benefits will leave you spellbound.

You May Be Able to Receive Your Pension While Still Working

You could enjoy your golden years, sitting on a beach, hitting the golf course and yet keep earning. Yes working after retirement gives you an opportunity like this.

So balance your life with work and enjoyment.

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