Financial Services Tips

Financial Service Tips

We at Bima Business hire ‘Quality’ insurance advisers for our partners. We work on their behalf and get them the right personnel who will help in achieve the collective dream of any insurance agency. We have been in this business for years and through our expertise in the field of recruitment we have drawn a few tips & techniques for both the aspiring as well as currently working Financial Advisors.

The most successful Financial Advisors are the Right Brain sales people. Yes! The Right Brain ones. Now the Left Brain and Right Brain people are not biologically different, instead these are people who organize their sales approach. The Left Brain people talk only about facts & figures. They tend to confuse the client as he does not understand these boring data sheets.

On the contrary the Right Brain salespeople follow the following 4 simple methods


Make your entire conversation with the client visual savvy. Let the images do the talking. Through the images trigger thoughts and believe us this works wonders.


Ask the right question. See the facts and figures might be boring but as a sales guy you need to have them accurate. Through questions at the client using these. For example ask “Do you know how many people might be suffering from hear ailments in 3 years from now?” Make him think. Do not ask questions like “Since how many years have you been living here?” or “How much is your salary?” instead ask him the reason why has he shifted from his home town, what if he had to shift, what would be the impact on him and his family if he had to face some unwanted circumstances? Followed by these shoot priority questions and mention that based on these questions you have identified the critical areas and ways to deal with them. Lastly wrap the session with the pleasure question i.e. What if we chalk out a plan where you could enjoy your dream lifestyle all through your life, keeping your future safe.

Story telling

Weave them in the plot as you tell your story. Start with Imagine a situation, make the client walk in the shoes of your character and understand your product and services. This will for sure help you rope in the client.


Touch your client. By this we mean keep in touch with your client in whatever way possible. Be it through phone, mail or newsletter.

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