How to go past the gate keeper

How to go past the gate keeper

Livelihood of a financial advisor is making those calls. Isn’t it? And that gatekeeper who often takes your calls and prevents you from reaching the desired person is at her best. So be it cold call or warm, getting past the gatekeeper is indeed a challenge for all of us. Here are a few tips that will indeed help you to go past the gatekeeper and attain the desired goals

When you make the call sound confident – that’s the golden rule. Ask for the name of the person who is responsible for sales, has a control of marketing, or has the overall authority to take decision instead of the person in charge of, looks after or deals with. Once you are through keep the call short and simple.

To initiate the conversation and build in a constructive direction say “Hye I am Kushal from Bima Business.” Even if you are talking to the person for the first time say “Has my name been mentioned to your earlier?” The person will obviously say “No”, but this triggers a thought in his mind and gives you a thread to build the conversation.

If it is a referral it is even more better. You can say “Has Mr. Siddharth mentioned my name to you?” Lastly if it is core calling you can directly ask “Did you receive my email?” This will make them think about you & if they have ignored the mail they will certainly say “Hey, what is it about?”

Bingo! And here you get your shells spilled.

Post the introduction DO NOT throw your policies or schemes at them. Say that your company has recently developed new ideas to help you. Bring in hot buttons like retirement planning, business insurance etc. Then propose to meet saying “Sir. I would love to talk to you about this for 15-20 minutes. Is next Wednesday a good time to see you?”

These thumb rules will not only help you go past the gatekeeper but also help you close the deal. Because eventually it is all about a good sales script dear.

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