Work Part Time Women

Work Part Time Women

Hey I am Radhika. I’m a proud housewife blessed with two beautiful kids. It’s been a while since I’ve got and married and being at home might seem fascinating but trust me it is a 24x7 job, with a list of never ending responsibilities. I pursued my MA in English and I had a decent career and job. Post marriage I did continue to work but you know motherhood comes with unconditional commitment. Thus, I vouched to stay at home. After a couple of years and loads of yearning to be financially independent I decided to work from home.

I was new to Pune and had no leads on how to start with work from home in this city. This is where internet came as a rescue for me. After relentless research I found the investment and financial planning as a stream that I could take up work with. I opted to work with Bima Business. With inspiring case studies they had numerous opportunities for me too. Insurance not only gave me the opportunity to put my skills to use but also changed my outlook towards this diverse field.

I first learnt the basics of insurance, its importance and then ways to sell it. The perks that came with this part time job were immense. Now I could work at my own leisure, set my own targets and grab huge perks and benefits. Being a housewife I never thought of going abroad, but Bima Business gave me that golden opportunity too. It added wings to my dreams and aspirations. Believe me this job did not hamper my family responsibilities nor made me compromise on my sleep and commitments. On the contrary it made the queen of both the worlds.

So sitting right there, if you are wondering what do I do with leisure time? Take up a career with Bima Business. Work part time from anywhere in India and gain gain gain.

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