Market Smart

Market Smart

One markets himself smartly is the one who gets the cream clients. It is always advisable to have Unique Value Proposition rather than being “Jack of all games and master of none.” Believe it or not, your specialization zone can alone act as your key selling point.

Once you have your UVP’s defined, chalk out a marketing strategy for yourself. The below mentioned for point plan can help with this.

Step 1 :

Make a note of the events where you could connect with the target group. Remember that “first connections” play a vital role in our insurance industry. So bank on those connectors, get in touch with people who could readily be your partners.

Step 2 :

Get into the local and social media. Be that insurance expert in your selected medium. Pitching the media with your UVP (Unique Value Proposition) would leverage you in a great way. Since you have good experience in this sector you would be able to share success stories to the media.

Step 3 :

Write! Write! And Write! Write columns and get them published in all the mediums possible. This indeed acts like a gear towards helping your existing customers and of course connecting with the targeted ones.

Step 4 :

Create videos. This is the best channel to create that ever-lasting “first impression”. It is the best way to create a thread for interaction with the people you haven’t met at all. These videos would help them make decisions after seeing you and hearing from you.

The more you market the more you will be in the eyes of your customers and soon be regarded as “credible.”

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