How to sell Insurance

How to sell Insurance

Selling insurance might seem easy but it isn’t. Since it is an emotional product, one needs to have a really planned approach towards selling it. Here we would like to highlight a few points as to how you can successfully sell insurance and build a strong clientele.

For instance Kushal is our life insurance agent. He earlier worked as part time agent in Pune. He had 5 years of experience and with his skills he received numerous perks. Now he has started facing challenges towards making sales. Apart from his blood relatives he is unable to rope in clients.

Using the following tips Kushal can improvise his portfolio and with the marketing strategy he can construct his approach.

Kushal with years of experience you can now outline your Unique Value Propositions. Defining what makes you different from others. These differences can be drawn from a service point of view, area, working style and genre of clients.

Keeping in mind the career prospects, you would now like to target high neck people but DON’T. Instead target people with specific interests, study about them and tell solutions that would help them, come with packages you have seen can help that type of age group, study their demographics and then be over to selling them.

You can also use shared interests. Define your services to a special age group. For example you would target people belonging to 35-45 years or a little more young. Build a profile based on them. Make them your specialization and then turn them into your ideal clients.

Since we have already mentioned that insurance is an emotional product, keep in mind that your client would love to know you personally, would like you to relate with him and build up a bond and understanding.

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