What does insurance advisor do?

The scope in this field is enormous and hence the career graph of all insurance advisors is often very exciting. The most important thing than an advisor does is get to meet a lot of people and talk to them about everything and anything! Not all people you meet may decide to buy a policy but the advisor still meets many people and never gets tired of meeting new prospective clients!

The main job of an insurance advisor is to help the client buy a policy that is best suited for his needs. So, what the advisor effectively does is analyze the situation and give perfect solutions. An advisor explains what salient features of various policies are and then helps the client jot down on what policy he needs; he is doing need based analysis for the client.

Processing the claims is also an important factor and from a client’s point of view it is the most important thing. Whenever a tough situation arises on the family they turn to their advisor to help them in processing the claims. It’s the advisor who does everything possible to make sure
the claims are received and the whole process is smooth.

Basically, insurance agents are hired by the insurance companies to secure people’s lives. . On the face value of this profession, this is what one can see. But, an insurance agent does not act just like another other sales person would. Selling an insurance policy is whole another deal!
Here are few of the things that an insurance agent does.

Call potential clients and expand their customer base . Interview prospective clients so that you can get data about their health and financial issues. You need to provide a need based solution for your client. Each Customer will have a customized Requirement. Once you have talked to the clients, analyze their situation and suggest them policy. Keeping records of your clients and handling the policy renewals is also important follow up work. An insurance agent could sell more than 1 type of policy. It could be a life insurance coupled with a property or asset insurance!
Sometimes, an agent also has to give financial advice to his clients. This is why having financial know how comes in handy! Help get more clients from the contacts of the clients that you already have.

Most important thing that an agent does is keep his client happy and make sure he is there to answer all his queries and available when in an emergency.

The life insurance industry has been there for long and so have been the insurance agents. So, how is that some agents are successful and go places while others stay where they are all their life with minimal growth? These are some of the few key factors which are a must for all agents !


Good Customer Service

Agents who can hang on to their customers for a long time have said that key to that is their behavior with them. Agents and brokers need to understand their customers and listen to what they’re saying. This will include them answering their calls, addressing the queries and solve whatever major or minor issues they might have.

Put Client First

Being an insurance agent sometimes requires the agent to be non selfish and put their client’s interest before theirs. This may see an agent missing out on some commissions but this will ensure the client is happy and will stay with them for year. Always make client believe that their best interest is your priority through your actions or words!

Emotional Intelligence

When dealing with insurance claims, especially when it comes to life insurance an agent can find himself in a tricky situation. When someone loses his or her life, dealing with their family is a major problem. Hence an agent needs to know to approach people and empathize with them taking their emotional state into consideration. It will earn them goodwill and respect from clients.


High Energy Level

Being an insurance agent is not the sort of job that will suit someone who is not active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! In this industry you never know when you’ll have to report for work or get a call from a client who needs you! Having a smile, being super active no matter how hectic your day has been is a norm that every agent should follow.

Technical Knowledge

To excel in any profession, being well versed about that sector is the single most important thing. For example, an agent has to have knowledge about finance and be well informed about new laws to be up to date with client’s financial condition. Some agents also pursue professional degrees of CA, CS and also take efforts to know more about income tax and other laws pertaining to finance.

Determination & Honesty

If there is one quality that stands out in a successful insurance agent is that he is very persistent and determined to survive in this industry. You need will power and the aim to always push yourself to do better that what you did yesterday