Retirement Planning which requires a 360 degree approach begins with understanding clients–their needs, risk appetite & various life-stage goals – to draw up their asset allocation plan and monitoring it on a continuing basis. A Retirement Planner (RP) is experts who can deliver a holistic retirement plan using various tools, products, knowledge and other infrastructure to enable clients achieve their financial goals. Clients need an expert who puts their interests above everything else and is equipped to provide them with customized solutions.

What will I do as a RP?

As a Retirement Planner you will be our client-focused financial make representative and advise our customers to ascertain their long-term life goals and develop strategies to achieve financial security and success for retirement. As a RP you will advise a planned and long-term approach to various life-stage goals including retirement based on individual client needs and empower investors to the right financial decisions.

Eligibility is simple – Minimum qualification: Graduate AND Successful track record in sales and / or franchisee development

Top Qualities to become Retirement Planner

How is being Retirement Planner different?

As a RP, you will be the customer’s Retirement Friend – advising and developing tailor-made solutions across various asset classes to help plan for retirement. A RP is different from a Wealth Advisor/Investment Planner/ Insurance Agent. While these have a targeted audience with a specific objective either to cover their life risks or ensure better return on investments, the scope of a RP is focused on advising solutions to clients aimed at achieving all important financial goals pre & post retirement.