Punita Gupta

IRDA Qualified for Life and General Insurance
MDRT Life and Qualifying Member for 12 years with 5 years COT
Business partner with ICICI Prudential life insurance co ltd
Having built a client base of 2500+ and travelled 11 countries, I can say I have enjoyed every day of my 12 years working as an insurance advisor. When I came into this profession, my kids were too young and I had responsibilities at home. Being your own boss as well as meeting and getting to know people are the best parts about my job! This made me realize that I could tackle personal as well as professional life very easily. All of my clients are now part of my extended family who knows that in times of need, I will be there to help them!

With experience, the earning pot just gets bigger and bigger but that is not the only highlight about being an insurance advisor! I love travelling and this profession helped combine two of the things I love – Travelling and Work! I have travelled many countries including Malaysia, China, Italy, Greece, Australia, Moscow, Spain, Germany and UK! This is truly a profession that rewards you and makes you feel satisfied after a good day of work.

Nilesh Mehta

CLI- Chief Life Insurance Agent, Life Insurance Corporation Mumbai
With many laurels won over 25 years and trips to Dubai, Singapore & Malaysia, I can say that it was indeed a great journey working as an insurance agent. I truly believe dreams and aspirations can be fulfilled at any point of time in life. I always wanted to work independently and yet be able to give time to my family. Being fantasized by the idea of being my own boss I started working as a travel agent. Challenges in life lure me & so looking at the insurance sector made me feel that this is a challenging industry & I can take this up as a profession. With great communication skills, convincing power & motivation I plunged into this sector. When I joined Insurance industry, it was limited as tax saving instrument & was not accepted widely as financial return base. It was a task to change the rigid perspective of the people towards this sector, make them understand how beneficial insurance actually is & clear their misconception that this typically a commission oriented business. Today my client base ranges to approximately 1500 clients & I handle and have settled nearly 50+ claims of Non life insurance & 3/4 life insurance claims. I sell various bonds and policies viz. including RBI bonds , in general insurance mediclaim policy, personal accident policy ,cancer insurance policy, motor insurance ,Bike policy, workman’s compensations policy, contractor all risk, burglary, professional & doctor’s indemnity, mutual fund and private company fixed deposit. I really like this work as at the end of the day it leaves you content & awarded.

Vanshika Aggarwal

Agent Adviser, Private Life Insurance Company, New Delhi
Being an Insurance Advisor is a tough job that requires dedication but, the better you do the bigger the rewards! I have travelled to Dubai, Bangkok and Singapore as a part of work. With over 200 clients, I have gotten to know them really well over these years.

Renewal income and the gifts I receive have made be independent despite being a housewife! If you are a housewife looking for a great profession to be in, Being an insurance advisor is your answer! When you’re in this profession, You converse with many people and realize how much respect people have for insurance advisors. I am so proud to be in this Noble Profession.


Deepa Nittalla, Retirement Planner, Hyderabad

I started my career with Blue Dart as a Service Executive in 1999. After that, I was in retail banking for 10 years, working with Citibank in Hyderabad as a Service Manager. I took a career break for one-and-a-half years to raise a family. During that interval I realized that a gainful way of using the sabbatical would be to take up an education programme. So I pursued a Certification in Financial Planning course from the Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB). In my earlier role as a full-time employee, I would struggle when my kids needed attention during exams. Earlier everything at home would just come to a standstill. After joining as a Retirement Planner, I can say confidently that today there is a work – life balance. The mantra to become a successful Retirement Planner is to be thorough with your concept. Practice the concept yourself before you preach. Being a RP is not only about a career, it is about something more, something that you can do for others. This is not a like a regular 9-to-5 job. Keep upgrading your knowledge and give it your best. The thing that best suits me about being a Retirement Planner is that I get to exercise the freedom to work the way I want. I stay on the outskirts of the city and with a regular job would be worried about the travel time and kids back home. Having a family, I realize the value of flexibility as I want to choose how I want to work and the routine that I am comfortable with. I think the corporate world is pretty starved of such working models. As working mothers, if women have their concerns taken care of, they demonstrate loyalty and go out of their way to perform. Also, the income is five times more. While that is definitely an advantage, it is no match for the mental satisfaction.

Ravi Kiran S, Retirement Planner, Bangalore

Ravi has 15 years of experience primarily in IT and has been associated with large global organizations such as Oracle & SAP. All through his corporate career his heart was pining for entrepreneurial freedom. “I always felt the urge to do something different, tread my own path,” he says. While working on a project in Finland, his clients instilled in him the confidence to start on his own.

After a successful stint as an entrepreneur, in November 2012 he joined us as a Retirement Planner. “Selling is in my blood; I love the challenges that come with a sales role,” he says. Needless to say, he was instantly excited with the role.

Recently he represented India at Lisbon, Portugal after winning Classic International Recognition Program. “The programme brought about moments to cherish with new friends across the globe, amidst a warm welcome and hospitality of the Portuguese team at Lisbon. The trip came as a blessing for my wife, Bhaya and I as we completed 10 years of marriage around the same time”. He is destined to many more contests in the future to come.

Tejaswy Ghanta, Retirement Planner, Hyderabad

I was pursuing the Certificate in Financial Planning (CFP) while doing my post-graduation and becoming a Retirement Planner happened as a surprise. I had been working with my father’s Chartered Accountancy firm for nearly three years and was looking at gaining corporate experience. “That was when I came across the opening with a global MNC leader in Financial Planning space. I feel it has given me holistic experience in financial planning and I have indeed found my true calling.”

I think the best thing about being a Retirement Planner is that I get to interact with a diverse set of people. Great work atmosphere also provides great learning. The peer group discussions and the advice from the counterparts provide valuable insights. Our Monday morning discussions cover a lot of areas and are a great way to learn from peer professionals. At the end, our work is a collaborative effort.