Training and Basic knowledge

Whilst being an insurance advisor requires a certain set of skills not many people have, they are not technical skills. So, you may not need to go to a college or get a particular degree to qualify to work as an insurance agent. Our partners give you IRDA approved world class training. Imagine spending 10-15 days for training and getting a career. People spend 15 years for Graduation and earn much lesser then what you would. All you need is to perfect few skills, know all about the policies and you are good to go!

Rewards and Recognition

Monetary rewards aren’t the only perk of being an insurance agent. Many a times, agents who perform exceptionally well are sent abroad for seminars and Conferences. There are various contests are partners announce, where you could win a Laptop, trophies, Mobile Phones, Washing Machine, etc. Commission earnings are always there and they form the cherry on top of the cake!

Financial Independence

House wives in particular are getting seeing this opportunity as a golden chance. You don’t have to depend on your husband for money and can become financially independent. Similarly, retired people too have a great option of earning money by becoming an insurance advisor. You dont have to depend on your son / daughter for money. This also works as a great source of second income, for people who are already occupied with other work.

Next Generation

The business of Insurance is such never ending. In a way that till there is existence of people and things, insurance policies will be made. If you become an insurance advisor, not only will you get the benefits of it, you can develop this business and pass it on to your next generation. This way, what you are doing is giving them a ready business to start off with!

Be your own boss / Time Flexibility

Being an insurance advisor is like being an entrepreneur! You get to choose what timings you work and how much effort you want to put in. Hence you are not tied to the 9 to 6 job as such. It’s an attractive profession for most housewives with other obligations, Retired People, Self Employed and Professionals.

Zero investment, High Earning Potential

Only investment you require is time and your efforts. There is no real monetary investment that you require. But the rewards that you reap are all monetary and hence it is called as a profession that requires no investment and has high income!

Renewal Income

You will get a commission as long as your Customer is paying Premium. This works towards your retirement,
Harder you work, your returns are fixed for future too.