No Limit To Your Success

Being an insurance agent means the sky’s the limit for unlimited income and work satisfaction, but sometimes it’s nice to get a pat on the back. Insurance agents receive many awards for hitting sales milestones, including trips that literally take you around the world. From Switzerland to Thailand, from the Mediterranean to Hawaii, Being an Insurance agent can take you there. But even before you pack your bags, there are many ways you can be compensated when working as an Insurance Adviser:

Unlimited income potential with multiple ways to get paid: commission, renewal commission, recruiting program bonus,and more
Recognition for hard work – trips, awards, and other rewards

Opportunities for career advancement

The power of our Partner brand and the strength of an industry-leading company behind you every step of the way
The Commission you earn will depend up on the plan you sell, which can be as high as 25% and a renewal commission of 5% till your customer pays a premium Click on Earn Now
For Example you collect Rs. 10,00,000 Premium from various customers, Your first year commission will range from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2,50,000 for the first year and post that Rs. 50,000 Annually in terms of Renewal commission till your Customer pays a premium.

Meet us and learn more how much you can earn, Become an Insurance Advisor today, Earn Now !