Financial Service Tips

We at Bima Business hire ‘Quality’ insurance advisers for our partners. We work on their behalf and get them the right personnel who will help in achieve the collective dream of any insurance agency. We have been in this business for years and through our expertise in the field of recruitment we have drawn a few tips & techniques for both the aspiring as well as currently working Financial Advisors.

The most successful Financial Advisors are the Right Brain sales people. Yes! The Right Brain ones. Now the Left Brain and Right Brain people are not biologically different, instead these are people who organize their sales approach. The Left Brain people talk only about facts & figures. They tend to confuse the client as he does not understand these boring data sheets.

How to go past the gate keeper

Livelihood of a financial advisor is making those calls. Isn’t it? And that gatekeeper who often takes your calls and prevents you from reaching the desired person is at her best. So be it cold call or warm, getting past the gatekeeper is indeed a challenge for all of us. Here are a few tips that will indeed help you to go past the gatekeeper and attain the desired goals

When you make the call sound confident – that’s the golden rule. Ask for the name of the person who is responsible for sales, has a control of marketing, or has the overall authority to take decision instead of the person in charge of, looks after or deals with. Once you are through keep the call short and simple.

How to sell Insurance

Selling insurance might seem easy but it isn’t. Since it is an emotional product, one needs to have a really planned approach towards selling it. Here we would like to highlight a few points as to how you can successfully sell insurance and build a strong clientele.

For instance Kushal is our life insurance agent. He earlier worked as part time agent in Pune. He had 5 years of experience and with his skills he received numerous perks. Now he has started facing challenges towards making sales. Apart from his blood relatives he is unable to rope in clients.

Market Smart

One markets himself smartly is the one who gets the cream clients. It is always advisable to have Unique Value Proposition rather than being “Jack of all games and master of none.” Believe it or not, your specialization zone can alone act as your key selling point.

Once you have your UVP’s defined, chalk out a marketing strategy for yourself. The below mentioned for point plan can help with this.

Misconceptions about life insurance

Oh! I am just 26, why do I need insurance?
Is life predictable? No. It isn’t. There are many people in the age group 25-44 and pass away unexpectedly, leaving their family in crisis. So, life insurance can provide valuable security and peace of mind for your loved ones, and you’ll save money on your premium if you buy a policy when you’re young.

No! No! Insurance is too expensive.
With numerous companies in the market today you can easily find a policy that meets your needs and your budget. For instance Term life insurance can be especially affordable, with some monthly premiums costing less than a pair of movie tickets. Hence the perception that most of us have about insurance is simply a wrong myth.

Reasons to work after retirement

Worked on deadlines,f waited for appraisals, switched jobs time and again and gave the best of life to the loved ones. We all have the same story. But what after that? Have you ever thought of your life after retirement? Would you like to be dependent on your kids for your survival? Would you ask your kids for money, when you are the one who has always run the show for the family? So it makes perfect sense to work after retirement, doesn’t it?

Work Part Time Women

Hey I am Radhika. I’m a proud housewife blessed with two beautiful kids. It’s been a while since I’ve got and married and being at home might seem fascinating but trust me it is a 24×7 job, with a list of never ending responsibilities. I pursued my MA in English and I had a decent career and job. Post marriage I did continue to work but you know motherhood comes with unconditional commitment. Thus, I vouched to stay at home. After a couple of years and loads of yearning to be financially independent I decided to work from home.